In life, most of us never get past the external. We seek to ease our hurts with medicine. But the use of drugs simply adds to our problems by treating the symptoms of disease rather than the real issues. As a physician, I’ve learned that dealing only with the outward behaviors does not resolve underlying troubles. Hurting people need help addressing the heart of their problems.

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Claire Wineland dies of a massive stroke following an otherwise successful lung transplant surgery. She was 21 years of age.
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The American Academy of Pediatrics has recently ISSUED A BAN on walkers because of the serious injuries that can result from their use. In addition to physical injuries, a child’s development can also be hampered with the use of walkers.

“Between 1990 and 2014 an estimated 230,676 children under 15 months old were treated for injuries related to infant walkers, according to a study published Monday in the journal Pediatrics.

More than 90% of incidents led to head and neck injuries and the most common cause of injury -- 74.1% -- was falling down stairs. Other causes of injury included falling out of the walker, and proximity-related injuries such as a child pulling or touching an object that they were able to reach when in the device.”

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